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Core Quantum Technologies prepares to ramp up

Core Quantum Technologies, Inc.Professor Jessica Winter, founder, Core Quantum Technologies, Inc. (CQT) is pleased to announce recent progress in its quest to commercialize the company's magnetic nanoparticles, a product that would help biobanks researchers to identify and isolate cell types.

Assisted by a National Science Foundation SBIR grant and funding from The Ohio State University Office of Technology Commercialization’s Concept Fund (managed by Rev1 Ventures), CQT is preparing to ramp up production of its fluorescent and magnetic reagents for cell separation and flow cytometry by hiring additional staff and quality control equipment.

Significant scientific progress led by Dr. Mythreyi Unni has allowed Core Quantum to finalize manufacturing and focus on sales. According to CEO Kristie Krug, Dr. Unni made the most of the closures due to the pandemic and focused on step by step quality control of the manufacturing process to create robust products with reproducibility.

“Without the leadership and thoroughness of Dr. Unni, Core Quantum would be months behind,” Krug said.